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Re: Soft sandbagging...

RaptorUK wrote:

OldArrow wrote:

So, unless the current system can't be reserved for simple emotional response, it would be sufficient to just be able to remove malicious votings.

It is not sufficient.

We need to move to a relative system instead of the absolute system we currently have.

An absolute system is preferable but depends on things that will never happen at DPReview, i.e. comprehensive evaluation criteria so that two voters can vote in a reproducible way, and, voters who are prepared to read and understand such criteria.

So we can accept that this will never happen and accept that we must move to a relative voting system . . . a system where the entry that I pick as a voter as being the best in a Challenge gets the same vote from me as the entry that OldArrow has picked as his choice for best entry in the same Challenge.

In simple terms, I pick my top 5, OldArrow picks his top 5 and our votes count for the same . . . . my votes don't count less because I am more critical.

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That truly is the most fair solution...

The reason it will never happen though, is that it will leave LOTS of entries unvoted. Soon the average photographer will lose interest in challenges since they won't be getting any feedback. And although this will lead to better challenges with fewer but better entries, it's bad business for dpreview (less clicks). And that's why I don't believe it will ever be considered.

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