A former nikon users first 24 hours with the 5D III

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Re: Evaluative metering is basically spot tied to AF point.

JackM wrote:

Thanks for the nice write up. Evaluative metering mode is basically spot metering tied to the chosen AF point. Play around with it in a scene with light and dark areas. Spot metering uses only the circle in the center, so you can use that to meter, press the * button to lock it, then re-compose. Same thing for Partial and Center Weighted Average, just with larger areas metered.

This is what I've slowly been figuring out. I just need to figure out what works when, sunny days versus inside continuous versus strobes. And strongly backlit subjects are proving to be a pain in the but I have the feeling this is going to lead to a few weeks of cursing followed by an 'ah-ha!' moment.

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