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jennyi wrote:

How did you make the call, with your bird sound thingie? Maybe we need to get one.

i-touch and 8 dollar case from Bi-mart that is also external speaker.

BirdJam Software that converted all Western Species Calls (Stokes) to a library to
load to i-touch.

In i-touch the calls are in Alphabetical order and can easily be brought up.

Also other menus are there if one wants those - Western All, Western All Phylo Order (for the more scientific inclined), Western Crazy Birds, Western Fields and Grasslands, Western Forests, , Western Mash, W. Nocturnal, and many other groups to choose from.

(other calls can be added with BirdJam - Eastern Species, some foreign locations, frogs, etc.)

Even when playing one if you happen to hear another you can go to it while the other is playing. So say you were playing a Belted Kingfisher and happened to hear a Waxwing you can switch on the fly.

I just keep the calling to a minimum to not upset the birds of change their habit. Actually reaction to the calls are often most immediate and/or soon after the call is turned off.

Note (a bit on the soapbox) : Some people have a fit about any calling, baiting, etc. yet they are the same ones who will feed the birds in their yard and blatantly approach carrying their Swarovskis Scopes and rudely set up and talk when someone else is in camouflage and attempting not to disturb birds and wildlife and sometimes run their own calls when they think no one else is arround. It seems almost as a show for "Look at my expensive Swarovski." The arrogant bustards!

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