Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

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Re: Thanks to all.

Some time ago I realized that it doesn't matter what gear I carry. It's understanding light, and getting images that I'm happy with. When I was putting food on the table selling images things were even more critical.

So there are only 2 people that care about the gear I use. Myself. And the person that sold it to me; they stopped caring when the door closed as I left.

I've changed systems years and years ago. It took me a whole lot of time to retrain myself. manual focus and manual controls. Everything worked exactly the opposite on the new gear than it had on the old stuff.

I did a lot of street photography. I lost a lot of images because I turned the controls the wrong way.

Today? I would look at Canon. Sony. Nikon. Panasonic? That's for dslr's and stuff.

I've shot with Nikon (F2 first, F3 later and....on, and on) since the F2 was first announced about '73 or so.

Biggest changes for me--image stabilization. ISO's that get higher and higher.

Currently shooting with a Nikon d300s; sold a d80 I didn't like. Have a Sony NEX5 system. Have a Panasonic P&S.

Like you, I hate it when I make a bad choice. (Read D80 here; wish I had bought a Sony dslr.)


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