Nokia 808 Pureview - 41mp downsampling sensor

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Re: not only oversampled, but also overhyped

Jon Rty wrote:

As I said, JPG DR is dependent on the settings used. If you use high contrast settings, you clip blacks and whites, and thus reduce DR. If you use flat settings, you have wider DR. A D800 is also capable of recording high DR JPGs, but the standard settings don't utilize anywhere near all the DR of the sensor. This is because very few scenes would look good with the black and white point 12+ stops apart, and would instead look very flat, lacking contrast.

Yes, the flat looking image is the visual manifestation of achieving a high DR in the image, I have seen this with my Fuji's over the years but that is not really the point. The important thing is that there is good data in the shadow areas and in the highlights as well, so in PP one can manipulate the image any way one likes for shadows, highlights, contrast etc and the image will give and give. What we have found with the CMOS RXR sensors is that there is little difference in DR between the JPEG's and the RAW, which is one reason why many consider these strange little cameras to have the best JPEG's around.

What amuses me is that if the D800 loses 4 stops of DR in JPEG's, then my 100 quid obsolete Fuji F300 compact is generating more DR than the Nikon (in JPEG's only) and my old S5 will be on another planet.

Wellington100 wrote:

A good reason for jpeg shooters to try out a Fuji EXR camera because the camera does maintain a high DR value in JPEG, by the sounds of things, much higher than the D800 if what you say is correct.

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