Panasonic 3D1 - struggling with video playback

Started Apr 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Panasonic 3D1 - struggling with video playback

... I thought I'd just share the results of my test drive:

I downloaded Sony Vegas HD 11 and PowerDirector 10, both running on the same Asus Intel i5 laptop.

My first impression is that PD10 is indeed 2x-3x as fast, and more intuitive than Sony... there's a slight difference in available output formats.

BUT... then I did something very simple... I loaded an unprocessed 3D sbs avchd (m2ts) clip straight from the Panasonic 3D1 camera into each program, and had it render it to the same format (sony renders to the exact same 1920 60i, PD only to 50i)... and guess what: PD was 3x as fast as Sony, but showed very marked quality degradation...

For me that settles the issue... I'll buy Sony - unless you guys can point out some rookie mistake I may have made.

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