Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000

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Re: Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000

What I recall of Digital B&W forum threads is that the Image Specialists GO (MIS etc) is a bit yellow and reduces bronzing better than the OEM gloss enhancer. So that is correct.

The bleeding of dots that happens with your paper and media preset should in theory be solved with better paper coatings, more ink limitation, slower printing. If there is no choice you can also split the color printing run from the GO print run. The drying in between will be enough.

Or skip GO at all and use a spray or wax that also gives a much better protection.

Just to update this thread with some new info. I have experimented the IJF inks with OEM-Epson gloss optimizer. As expected, the blur was gone, even at 1-pass printing/glossing. The OEM gloss does also add some cast, but it's more subtle (most noticeable at near gray tones and by side-by-side comparison) and it tends more to the greenish cast than to that yellowish IJF GO. For most printing (non-BW nor pastel tones), it's ok to use the same profile for both GO and non-GO prints. Whatever the cast, it's manageable by a particular profiling, but the blurring in innaceptable for most prints, specially those with the finest details. The 2-pass printing is not perfect. It solves the blurring/bleeding but adds roller marks to the paper surface.

So, I'm still looking for a better non-OEM gloss optimizer. If someone has some experience to share, please do so.


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