Dpreview's E-M5 Review

Started Apr 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
drwho9437 Senior Member • Posts: 1,992
The most complete system, I agree

I agree with most of the review on m4/3 comments. Particularly I share the opinion that m4/3 gives a system you can take with you without being burdened.

If IQ is absolutely paramount full frame or medium format are needed.

So that is the exact split I choose to make: full frame plus heavy tripods for image critical stuff, and m4/3 for traveling.

It is important to have a camera with you. m4/3 because of lenses is the best compact interchangeable lens system at this time.

With the upcoming macro lens pretty much everything I would want lens wise exists on m4/3 (except for Tilt and shift, but honestly that is so specialized that probably not a big enough market for it for m4/3).

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