New D600 FX This Summer

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Re: Sensor will be the real deal breaker?

No for dx work it doesn’t offer a good option even on the pixel density itself. Let’s not discuss the whole, better.

As for the fx, it’s reasonable to expect d3x sensor modification performance at least. And that is a very good performing sensor, still among the best overall fx sensor options today. 24mp is a nice number hitting my preference just at its ceiling – noted before my preference is (16)18-24. (Not that 36 fx is very bad for me either if the whole package looks as good as the d800).

Just that I wouldn’t positively expect a bad performance of that sensor. In screen mode a hair better than d7000 going by dxo figures in noise department and similar in others but the prints come out noticeably better overall thanks to more pixels. And that’s just some chart, I know from experience that the result of d3x are very nice.


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