OM - first day problems -me?

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OM - first day problems -me?

Sometimes the simplest things can drive one nuts

OK I have taken a few photos since picking up the new toy -with 12-50 lens and 75-300 to come soon , it is the latter i hope to use mainly for birding

BUT some simple things are stumping me , yes I looked at the manual - can you get the images taken to review playback in the EVF and if so how? I get the idea of instant review (which i always turn off as it slows things down when birding but when i press play it displays on the LCD only , I bring my eye to the EVF and it goes back to live so I cannot review the images without putting my reading glasses on and checking the LCD which is darn annoying as I hate wearing my glasses if I don't have to

Secondly I took the camera out to get a few low light shots and the visibility in the LCD and EVF was impossible , black as pitch , nothing visible, is there a setting which enables one to see something in low light

I AM definitely not posting any of my first 20 or so pics as they are atrocious quality and i know the camera can do much better it is my settings and use that are at fault (fingers crossed I surely hope so ) LOL

I have been keen as mustard for this little gem after seeing what others are getting from it but boy I feel dumb tonight . the menu system is full of options I have no understanding of , I have owned literally dozens and used a hundred different cameras over my 40-50 years of photography but this little toy has me scratching my head , it is not really as user friendly as I hoped -please don't say "what do you expect" or similar because I do expect a good camera to be versatile but also a bit simpler to set up than I have found thus far -first night blues this end

Got the battery on charge (I gave it an hour or so earlier but am now giving it a full charge)

The 12-50 has some tricks in its design too , the sliding ring for manual electronic zoom and macro quite a few new tricks for an old dog to learn

I am looking forward to getting into it and making it sit up and bark but at present it is me that is whimpering !

any quick fixes ? Back to read the manual again and see what some of those cryptic options are

regards from Tasmania

(I walked into the store as they were unpacking their 3 different kits so got the pick of the litter just hope it is not a dog LOL)

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