Thom's latest: D400 would be FX but . . .

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Re: not the point

David314 wrote:

it is a mature market, a portion of the D300 crowd moved up to the D700, another portion will move up to the d800

is there enough wanting to move up and upgrade to the D400?

I think you're forgetting all the D5100 users and D7000 users that will grow into a D400. There are more D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx than all pro Nikon's combined. These are the high volume cameras and they are a ready made upgrade audience for the D400. Sure, many of them will never get that sophisticated, but in the same way that I started with a D70 and within a year realized my photographic aspirations in sports were beyond the capabilities of the D70 and thus moved upscale, so will some of the D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx owners. And, going to a full frame just won't make much sense for most of them so a D400 would be a perfect target and I'm quite sure that Nikon doesn't want to lose that set of customers who likes DX, is used to DX and wants to upgrade.

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