My issue with Nikon and the "D400"...

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Re: My issue with Nikon and the "D400"...

Yes but think about how good the high ISO would look if they stayed with 12 mp and added all their recent innovations to boost IQ that would otherwise merely mean 24 mp "stays the same" as the D7000 in terms of high ISO IQ.

jfriend00 wrote:

Antony John wrote:

I think Nikon might be caught in a dilema.

'Joe Public' seems to want high MP in cameras but trying to up thr MP in a DX body will cause loss of IQ where it's needed - high ISO.

Not sure about others but I wouldn't be happy with the latest 24 MP DX sensor in a D300 type body from the high ISO perspective.

So if Nikon have to revert to a 15/16 MP sensor in a D300 replacement, would this be 'universally acceptable'?

Nikon has a track record of increasing the MP count AND increasing the high ISO performance. Even the 16MP D7000 is better at high ISO than the 12MP D300s. So, I think your assumption that a 24MP D400 would not be good at high ISO is not necessarily a correct assumption.

What I would be bummed with is if they put 24MP in and then dropped the fps. I want the best AF they can afford to put in the D400, at least the 7-8fps we have today in the D300, great high ISO performance and then, they can put as many MP in as they think is warranted, but only without sacrificing any of the previous items.

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