last post for aku it all wouldnt fit darn it

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last post for aku it all wouldnt fit darn it

He was (or is) interested in the potential quality differences in the output. I contributed to that in relevant way. However, you and a couple of local bullies didn't like it and started an offensive of irrelevant posts.

Once again you are wrong how can you know anything about the output when you haven't output anything? or have seen large output from the sd1/d800 so who's posts become irrelevant .

He had already done his homework on the tec. and was well aware of its limitations.

Why did he post then to ask for information? To not get answers?

The questions were about printed output did you not understand this? have you printed large output from sd1? have you seen large output from sd1?

The op intent was in the photo quality at large sizes on the sd1 comparable to the d800.

Yes - if you are for example in need of pushing the shadows in high dynamic range scene, there will be very significant differences.

not necessarily true the differences would not be as great as you think but you wouldn't know that because you don't know how to work with x3f files or have ever printed them large.

You know this because you have seen hi dynamic pictures printed large from both ? and did a blind test of the significant difference?

I also imagine with all your technical knowledge you are also proficient at pro grade large format printing and the physics involved ? some one good with pp can usually pull much more out of a photo than you seem aware of, then there are the limitations of printing itself which I am sure you are well read on.

In certain scenes the SD1 in incapable of capturing the right colors as it sees the colors in vastly different color space from where SD1 sees two colors as the same, but which are very different to humans. This is called metameric failure and is because of the way Foveon separates the colors.

Maybe I am mistaken but doesn't foveron collect all color data from each pixel ? red blue green with no interpolation .

So you can look at a photograph and discern whether its color accurate now that is impressive as well as clairvoyant. Sigma is well known for not having technically perfect colors just pleasing colors that many that use sigma cameras prefer over Bayer.

No he didn't. In no place in the original post he said he's only interested in SD1 owners/users opinions.

So lets see; you are partially correct He did not say in type that he only wanted sd1 owners/users
Get a clue

Your first clue............. he did post on the sigma fourm ( is the sd1 a poor mans d800)
Your second clue......... he does his own prints and wants 20x30.

Your final clue....... (quote) that the SD1m when printed, no one would no the difference whether it was taken with a D800E or Sigma,
Am I crazy??????

Now unless you have shot with either or printed 20x30 with either how is your input relevant ? Because your statement of being a one trick pony is based off of your having seen large prints or based on your technical knowledge that because the sd1 lacks the dynamic range of the d800 it is not comparable in print and said print would be drastically different ?. Are you one of those super smart people that has no common sense? Why would someone come to the sigma fourm to ask questions about the quality of sd1 printed output ?

I will venture a wild guess; to hear from people who have printed large with the camera in question and have experience with both camera and printing large. There are a few people on here that have both cameras in question already.

Do you think the op stupid or ignorant that he didn't already know the limitations of the sd1, he stated in his first paragraph that he had already done his homework and in subsequent paragraphs goes into his thought process but now had some questions in his last paragraph about output.

So who do you think he was directing his questions to? the printing fourm, the nikon fourm or maybe the sigma fourm. do you see the big picture yet? Although your secondary premise of measured dynamic range was correct in that the sd1 has less than the d800 you have no real world proof to back it up in print. you have measurements not printed proof that conclusively shows the drastic difference or do you? .

Did you see the thread I linked to about diffraction limitation on the d800

No. But what you say there indicates that you might not understand diffraction. Considering the topic of the thread, I should mention that SD1 starts losing resolution earlier than D800 due to diffraction. However, if both are used for same DOF and not at the same aperture, the diffraction effect is identical as it is not a property of sensor, but an optical phenom.

I personally didn't care

It was for you as there is someone like you on there telling people who own and use equipment they don't know what they are doing even though he has neither product just test info and charts. kindred spirits you might say .

Nikon D800 Nikon D800E Sigma SD1
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