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Re: NOISE. read noise old sensor design

bobn2 wrote:

Mike Ca wrote:

At ISO 100 the D4 read noise is 18.6 and DR 12.6 compared to the 2.7 read noise and 14 stop DR on the D800.

Bad example, since the D4 is still managing about half the base ISO read noise and one and a half stops better DR than the 5DIII.

On top of that the D4 is only 16 MP and Nikon has the audacity to ask $6000 for the D4 with its "old" sensor technology.

It's not 'old' - it just doesn't have the column ADC, but Nikon has put in an on-chip ADC and produced a real low ISO improvement over the D3s. It remains to be seen whether canon has been able to do something similar with the 1D X.

The first part of my post was sarcastic. I guess that was too subtle for people here. I am just very tired of everyone describing anything that is not Sony Exmor technology as 'old' technology, when Nikon's newly introduced flagship FF camera also does not use Exmor technology.

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