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Re: Nikkor 28mm AIS

lita wrote:

Thanks for your further clarification about the adapter/lens combo being set in the final position and the lens being still capable of coming off. I am happy I did not push the point too far and definitely won't.

My Nikkor 28mm AIS F2.8 is not the E version. It is the other more expensive one, the one that received so many glowing reviews in the past, and has what Nikon called then "CRC": Close Range Correction, which denotes the use of a so-called "floating" element or group of elements, that moves when focus is changed from far to near subjects in order to better correct for the latter. This feat of optical design was worthy of mention then.

I have been playing around with adapters and lenses designed for other mounts with the Canon EOS 5D for quite some time now and found out that the wider the lens, the more precise the adapter has to be. That is why I was interested in your experience with the Nikkor 24mm AIS: being wider than my own 28mm, your results indicate that the adapter, at least your sample, is of good quality and confirm my feeling that my sample of the 28mm had to be sent back for re-alignment (the "re" in "re-alignment" is optional, of course: the lens might not have been properly aligned at the manufacturing stage). Obviously, my sample of the Jtat could be slightly off, but for some reason, it is not my feeling.

On another note, as I said in my previous post, I have tested the Jtat on a few other Nikon or Nikon mount lenses and, for comparison purposes, I used a Sigma DC 18-50mm F2.8 EX MACRO (which I had gotten just before the release of the similar 17-50mm F2.8 OS, therefore, at the time, the latest model). Now there is only so much you can gather from the results of a test (I have to say the subject I chose is rather pedestrian, to be kind) when it comes to the more subjective part of the assessment, but I have to say that both the general rendition and the sharpness of the pictures from the Sigma zoom quite surprised me when put against the corresponding pictures from the Nikon lens. I think my sample of the 18-50mm F2.8 is quite good (it did go to Sigma for alignment, though, and there is no need for the "re" in this case). Now, using Nikon lenses on an SD14, I am after something more than just sharpness and resolution, something that is a bit hard to describe but I could venture a word like "presence", if you get my meaning. I have yet to make a comparison with "less pedestrian" subjects. My working life does not leave me inordinate amounts of time for this kind of amusement, I have to say. In any event, you may have the time and opportunity to do just that, compare a Sigma lens to a Nikon lens of a similar focal length, and if that is the case, your impressions (as subjective as they may be) would make great reading.

How about comparing the Sigma 105mm f2.8 EX macro with the Nikon 105mm f2.5 Ai-S, but obviously not on macro subjects.

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