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Re: Video Noise Reduction

Press Correspondent wrote:

This has nothing to do with the sensor. Canon simply applies a noise filter to the video and makes raw video unavailable. A simple trick.

This is not true.

With either the D800 or 5D III, if you set the camera to HD aspect ratio, take a picture at ISO 6400 and then down sample that to 1920x1080 the resulting still image will be essentially noise free. At ISO 6400 though the D800 video has noticeable noise compared to the 5D III or D4 because of the way the video is down sampled to HD resolution.

None of these cameras can read the whole sensor and digitally down sample to HD video resolution at 30 fps. The 5D III uses an on sensor circuit to combine the signal from multiple pixels before the ADC. The D800 apparently uses some pixel skipping technique. The 5D III is combining all the pixels in the HD image. The D800 is only using some of the pixels. The result is a lot more noise at high ISO because the D800 is not down sampling all its pixels.

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