5D3 owner rents a D800

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Re: 5D3 owner rents a D800

carlk wrote:

The question is about what is op's thinking if the extra cost for new lenses is not an object.

If extra cost for new lenses is not an object, I would buy the D800 and whatever FF body Sony offers (for the IBIS). But lenses cost a lot, so that question was, well, ..., I will not finish this sentence.

Now, if you meant to ask (but you did not) what would you do if somebody offered to buy all your Canon lenses at their street value (new), that would have been a meaningful question, and I would have answered it differently.

I know you're just trying to make some fun but did you see what your post have done? It opens door for that bum to hyjack the sub-thread which ended up going nowhere.

Only because you decided to be rude. My answer to your question was my way of saying that the question did not make sense.

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