Anyone know how LOW 50 ISO works?

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Re: bclaff: Anyone know how LOW 50 ISO works?

Dave Largent wrote:

bclaff wrote:

You can tell where analog gain effectively stops and the potential loss of headroom begins by looking at the read noise.

Note that there are four cameras where the lowest analog ISO is ISO 160 rather than ISO 200; D300, D300S, D5000, and D90.,D300S_14,D5000_12,D90_12

Unfortunatly, I can't see your charts in my Internet Explorer browser.

Sorry, you can find compatibility information here:
I guess your IE is earlier than 6.0
Send email and I can reply with a "screenshot".

Are you saying that the above four cameras have lower read noise at ISO 160 than ISO 200 and that, therefore, use of ISO would lead to no loss of headroom?


In general, if a camera's lowest ISO has lower read noise than the second ISO up, there is no loss of headroom when using this lowest ISO?

For any camera there is a highest ISO that has the lowest gain. That is the ISO that I call "native". Lower ISOs will have the same DR but it will be shifted so that highlights are "lost". Higher ISOs will have less DR.

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