Hoping the rumor mill is wrong

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Re: Hoping the rumor mill is wrong

Marvin Doering wrote:

Whoever told them that nickel plating was better than black should be fired by Sony.

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Amen. But the real culprit was the (probably the same) b*tt-head who said "make the camera body black BUT THE LENSES SILVER!!

I might have been able to live with both being silver; and I definitely could live with both being black. But mis-matched? What were they thinking?

If somebody had asked me a year ago, before I had bought or even heard of the Nex-7, whether it would matter to me that my camera body and its lenses were the same color, I'd have probably said "No, not if they're both of good quality. It's really only performance that I care about ..." blah blah blah.

But now that I actually own the thing, and am actually in the market for lenses, i realize that I'm not buying the SEL18200 PRECISELY because it only comes in silver.

Jeeze ...


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