Canon 270 EX II- good for bounce flash?

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Re: Canon 270 EX II- good for bounce flash?

GeraldW wrote:

Having said all that, the best picture of my wife is one I took with a shoe mounted flash similar to a 430EX with Sto-Fen diffuser and aimed almost straight up to bounce off an 8' ceiling.

Thanks for all of your replies. Seems like the 430EXII would be a better choice if I want to bounce.

I also read another post about using white reflectors (Demb Flash) ( ). Seems like these would be a decent option, if I don't want to delve into the relm of umbrellas / off camera flash yet. I'll probably just use the flash for pictures of the family / baby / parties, etc.... I won't be doing any professional portraits in the near future.

Can be used with pop up flash too ("Pop up flit it") ( ).

Are these "Flit it" reflectors good options as well??? Is the diffuser useful???


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