Lens suitible for Real Estate interiors

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Re: Lens suitible for Real Estate interiors

So, for interior shots I use two lenses - one for 90% of the shots and one for the other 10%. I almost always use the 24G on a D90 and stitch. Why? Because rooms look more natural a lot of the time. Stitching with lots of straight lines (i.e., plank floor/ceiling) poses a different type of abnormality which you'll also notice.

I use the Sigma 10-20 f/4 once in a while - usually if the homeowner needs me out of there quickly or if there's not enough space to get a tripod and the pano head in there. I'll go as wide as 16mm, but anything more just looks stupid IMHO.

If you find yourself needing to go much wider than 14-16mm rethink the composition. You don't always need to shoot wall to wall.

My advice? Well ideally, shoot full frame and get the 24mm PC-E. That will allow you to stitch true rectilinear for the best possible looking photos. I already had the 24G or else I sure wish I had the 24PC-E instead since I've been shooting more interiors than landscapes lately. If you just need to do this a couple times as a fill in for someone else, then the Sigma 10-20 f/4 (the "older" version of this lens) is the best for the money.

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