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Re: NOISE. read noise old sensor design

Mikael Risedal wrote:

Two completely different sensor design, an old (Canon) with long-analog signal path, and a modern one with digitization already at the sensor edge =Sony/Nikon

In addition to high read noise different degrees of patterns noise , banding is visible in Canon.

look at the read noise and DR

And what about the Nikon D4?

At ISO 100 the D4 read noise is 18.6 and DR 12.6 compared to the 2.7 read noise and 14 stop DR on the D800.

On top of that the D4 is only 16 MP and Nikon has the audacity to ask $6000 for the D4 with its "old" sensor technology.

Take a look at this video noise comparison of the 5D II, 5D III, D800 and D4:


At ISO 3200 and 6400, the D800 video has much worse noise than the 5D III or D4. The 5D III is able to hang with the much more expensive D4 pretty well on this high ISO comparison. The D800 just doesn't come close.

This is the trade off of the Sony Exmor technology. It is great for low ISO stills, but it makes high ISO video more difficult. Nikon understood that, and built the D4 using the "old" off sensor ADC technology.

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