Do .CR2 Files Offer Any Advantages Over .DNG Files?

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Re: But that's an artificial constraint

kelpdiver wrote:

stephenmelvin wrote:

Have you thought about why Adobe supports (to an extent) DNG files in older programs but not CR2? They spend a great deal of time and code to prevent the older programs from working with the latest versions of ACR.

It's a completely artificial restriction that was created by Adobe. This "advantage" is purely of Adobe's making.

Is it also an artificial restriction that the prior version of DPP doesn't support CR2 files from the mark III?

Ever hear the phrase, "comparing apples and oranges?"


Glad to see you correctly identified the nature of your post.

Photoshop uses the ACR plug-in to import RAW files, including CR2's. Every time Adobe updates Photoshop, they change the plug-in so it will not work with older versions of the program, to force people to upgrade.

On the other hand, DPP is free, and the latest version comes with the new camera.

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