D4 & D800/E Potential Focus Priority Problems

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Re: I think AF-S doesn't work


If you've found a scenario where it takes a second or two to acquire focus, can you try pressing the AF-ON button and THEN pressing the shutter button fully? If you press the shutter button and the AF-ON button at the same time, you may be activating the shutter before the AF system engages. But, if you press the AF-ON button and then a split second later the shutter button, it shouldn't fire until you've locked focus.

At any rate, this is not how prior cameras behaved or how the manual states it should work. Hopefully Nikon clears it up for us.

directo wrote:

This is how I tested it.

  • Used my 50 1.4 (notoriously slow for auto-focus).

  • I threw the focus manually to infinity.

  • I tested AF to see how long it would normally take to acquire focus lock (can't remember how long, but it was not instantaneous, probably a second or two).

  • I put a high contrast target up that the camera could easily find, a few feet away.

  • AF-ON only. Focus Priority set. AF-S mode.

  • I engaged AF using the AF-ON button, as well as pushing the trigger at the same time.

  • Camera fired immediately (focus lock was not achieved).

Hopefully that is clear enough.

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