Nikon D7000 overexposure is very real.

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Re: Forum advice - getting it wrong either way

I think my point stands, the OP is looking for a point and shoot mode in a semi professional DSLR without getting to know the ins and outs of the camera.

Also my point stands that you should really be more advanced in skill, or looking to learn if you want a superior machine.

if 80% of your shots require a lot of compensation, then you need to learn more about the camera. what you might find a nuisance might be a blessing to others,

As I shoot Pentax we have our own quirks, one is the preservation of highlights in RAW, leading to what looks like underexposure in Jpeg with clipping. This is to do with the manufacturers choice for the more advanced cameras, RAW is exposed near the limit, but Jpeg looks underexposed and limited in DR in the highlights.

There is more than meets the eye, The Consumer cameras are always configured to underexpose and bump up the image and save highlights, the correct metering however can lead to Jpeg overexposure and RAW ETTR. I am talking about the D7000 here, not the D80.

Some things are then assumed by the manufacturer, Does the client require 1 wheel or two, do they know about exposure compensation enough, do they want scene modes, How predictable should the MM be irrelevant of scene.

Just because someone does not appreciate a manufacturer decision for a particular client does not make them right.

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