What is the truth?

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Forever Young wrote:

1. If I look at the reviews at http://www.the-digital-picture.com/ or http://www.dxomark.com/ about the 5DIII the high ISO improvement is minimal (maybe 1/2 a stop) compared to the 5DII, and the dynamic range improvement is not huge, either; but here in this Forum I find enthusiastic new 5D III owners who say that the ISO performance is 'at least 2 stops better', and the DR is better, too... What is the truth?

In RAW the 5D III is probably only 1/2 stop or so better than the 5D II, but in the out of the camera JPEGs the 5D III is probably 2 stops better. This is all because of better noise reduction in the in camera JPEG engine. With the 5D II you can get better noise reduction shooting RAW and using LR or some other PP tool.

Is the improvement 1/2 stop or 2 stops? It depends how you use your camera. Sports photographers mostly shoot JPEG so they can shoot much longer bursts at maximum frames per second. I know wedding photographers that shoot JPEG at least at the reception. For them the 5D III is a 2 stop improvement. I shoot mostly RAW, so it is only a 1/2 stop improvement for me.

2. I understand that the all new AF system is way better in the 5DIII than it was in the 5DII, but is it also better than the AF of the 1DIV? If you have both the 5DII and the 1dIV, please share your experience? Is the AF of the 5DIII is really better than that of the 1DIV?

I don't own a 1DIV but the reports I've heard indicate that the 5D III is at least as good as the 1DIV and probably a little better.

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