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Re: What is a succulent fruit?

Well, since you asked... I don't care which fruit is succulent.
As long as it's not purposely wetted or dunked in water.

In your challenge, the voters are acting as your client.
And I, as your client, was telling you what I didn't want, Mr Art Director.

jezsik wrote:

In the challenge comments, I pointed out that I didn't want to start a holy war over the definition of succulent, but since it has been raised here, let's have a go. Who wants to take a stab at determining which fruits are succulent and which are not?

Note that Merriam-Webster proposes that succulent means full of juice, juicy, or moist and tasty, or toothsome. In reference to a plant: having fleshy tissues that conserve moisture.

Keep in mind that our "client" is looking for a billboard to attract customers to the grocery store. As challenge host, playing the art director, I want to give that client images that meet this objective. If I see a fruit that a pedant might debate its succulence, I'm not worried about it if I think the client will be satisfied with the image. Now, if the client was a scientific textbook editor, I would have to have more stringent criteria, right?

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