Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

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Re: Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

peter42y wrote:

I have read that some sensors are the same.
Look here.



As you know the Sony A580 shares the same Sony 16 Megapixel sensor featured inside the Nikon D7000 (although Nikon says they designed the sensor).


So you are saying Nikon is telling a lie? I don't think so, Nikon is going to be who knows the best exactly what they put in their cameras. They say they designed the sensor, and surprise it outperforms a Sony sensor of the same MP. That they used Sony to fab their design does not make it a Sony sensor.

Two brands of cameras using the same mp in their sensor is not proof that it's the same sensor, and that's all that most who claim them the same have.

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