new SB910 speedlight - Am I missing something

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Re: new SB910 speedlight - Am I missing something

Hi there,

I've not read all of your message..... I stopped when you mention you bought an item off a seller on Amazon......

Be VERY careful these days buying stuff off Amazon. When it comes to problems, Amazon do NOT want to know.

They'll tell you to contact the Seller.

Amazon UK these days are not much better (in fact, in some ways they are actually worse) than eBay.

ONLY stuff that's purchased explicitly by Amazon will they do anything about - any other instance, you're on your own between you and that seller.

Example (I've got many, but this is my latest);

I bought a wireless headset from Amazon - didn't even bother to check who it was I was buying from (I was new to this new game of Amazon's) - item arrived, I'm a happy bunny.

After six months, the item breaks - I contact Amazon, they said nothing to do with us (though not of course in so many words) - they advised I contact the seller and the manufacturer (remember I'm in the UK as well).....

Asus didn't want to know because when I gave them the serial number they said it was bought in Germany.....

And when I contacted the Seller (yes, item did come from Germany) you can guess how he got out of it.....

"Send it back to us in Germany to take a look at"......

Be VERY careful - and if I were you, I'd send it back (I've learnt this lesson now I can assure you).
Kind regards,


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