Who has E-M5 and Nex7 ?

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Re: Who has E-M5 and Nex7 ?

Just picked up an EM-5 last week. Regarding the menus and navigation, I am finding the EM-5 to be much more cumbersome than my NEX-7. Once you get the NEX-7 tailored to your needs, it is pretty easy to adjust things on the fly and find things you need. So far the level of customization on the EM-5 has not been up to level I found on the NEX-7 and I find the settings menu on the em-5 very frustrating.

Shooting last night with the grip attached, I also found myself consistently indvertently hitting the front dial and dialing down the exposure. This tended to be frustrating as well.

There has been a lot of talk about the buttons feeling "mushy" due to the weather sealing. The only buttons it has been an issue with is the function 1 button and the play button. These are simply too tiny and just above a ridge which makes both of them tough to press while on the fly. The other buttons are easy enough to use.

With that being said, the autofocus is far and away better than the NEX-7 in all lighting conditions. I also have found the difference in EVF's to be negligable in real-world situations.

I am hoping once through the learning curve I will find this camera fun to shoot with. As for now, it has been a tad challenging.

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