5D3 owner rents a D800

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Re: It is probably video technology

garyknrd wrote:

Fairly new to Canon here. But why doesn't Canon use the Sony sensor? Everyone else does.

Canon has used sensors from other manufactures in the past.

I think the reason Canon does not use Sony Exmor sensors or similar technology in its own sensors is video. It is more difficult to do quality video with the Sony Exmor sensors. Some Sony cameras had problems with sensor overheating shooting video. Sony and Nikon have overcome the overheating problems, but high ISO video on the D800 is still much noisier than the 5D III.

Down sampled high ISO stills photographs on the D800 are very similar to 5D III, but high ISO HD video is much noisier on the D800. Both the D800 and 5D III are much higher resolution than HD video, so they both have to down sample to HD video resolution. The higher video noise on the D800 is probably because the D800 does pixel skipping rather than down sampling to get HD resolution. The same design features that give the Sony sensors more DR at low ISO, make it more difficult to down sample HD video.

Canon has put a lot of emphasis on the video technology, and so does not want to switch to Sony sensors or similar technology.

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