Do .CR2 Files Offer Any Advantages Over .DNG Files?

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Re: The real question

Glenn Haley wrote:

stephenmelvin wrote:

Glenn Haley wrote:

I know .DNG files have several advantages over .CR2 files but do .CR2 files offer any advantages over .DNG (other than using DPP)?

The real question is whether DNG files have any advantages over CR2 files, and the answer is a definite "no."

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I'm afraid you don't know much about .DNG files when you make a foolish statement like that!

And yet I clearly know more about them than you do.

Just to name a few;

When new cameras appear on the market that use the .DNG format there is no need to purchase new processing software unlike Adobe and Capture One's skin game.

Whose skin game? You have that backward. Adobe invests considerable man-hours into making sure the latest version of ACR is not compatible with versions of Photoshop that aren't currently being sold. That's known as an artificial restriction. They allow DuNG files to be imported to get around that restriction in order to encourage people to use it. Nothing more, nothing less.

And you have to wait for the DNG converter to be updated.

.DNG files are more compact allowing more photos on a flash card and requiring less long term storage space.

No, it requires more long term storage space, because you then have to keep both the master files and the DNG files. Only an idiot would delete the masters.

.DNG allows you to create custom profiles that can be used with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Here's where you show your lack of knowledge. Adobe has the DNG profile creating program, but the profiles can be used with CR2's. Again, that's there choice, but it's not really an advantage of DNG. It's not like we generate profiles every day. Once you've profiled a camera, you're done.

I'm sure there are probably more advantages but these come to mind right now.

So far, you've demonstrated a grand total of "0."

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