SOLVED: D800 "left autofocus" issue

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Re: SOLVED: D800 "left autofocus" issue

To be honest, that's a ridiculous claim to make. You haven't solved the problem at all. The outer AF points of the 51 point AF have never been cross sensitive. It's been that way for years now. Anyways, it wouldn't explain why the right AF point was fine, but the left was bad.

Lordsegan wrote:

I believe I have solved the issue people are having with the outer autofocus points on the D800.

I started by shooting vertical and horizontal lines. I found that the D800 will simply NOT focus on vertical lines when it is in normal orientation using the outer AF points. The only AF points that can detect/focus on vertical lines are the 15-center most AF points.

Look here to see which AF points can focus on vertical lines:

Also here:

So I think most of you who are having problems are people who shooting vertical targets with your D800 using the outer AF points. From what I can tell, this behavior is "by design."

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