X-S1 and blue smudge

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Re: X-S1 and blue smudge

Hi wimgym.

Yes I think you have identified the problem. Where the light is coming from is the important factor. A little either side of head on is bad news. It appears to be worse at small apertures, but its still faintly there at the larger settings.

I always use the lens hood, but in limited testing, I found that shading the lens with the hand, or a piece of card appears to eliminate the problem. Will Fuji offer a modified lens to sort things out? When I contacted Fuji UK last week they told my they had not seen the problem before.

I've tried with and without a decent quality UV filter with no apparent difference.

I agree, it's a very nice camera to use, though I wish it didn't have that grey bar across the bottom of the viewfinder. It's not there in playback and makes composition in the otherwise excellent viewfinder less easy.

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