So, how many D800 and D4 present the focus problems?

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Re: So, how many D800 and D4 present the focus problems?

David H Dennis wrote:

We don't know.

Here's what we do (and I welcome corrections to this account):

1. The problem may be linked to the higher resolution of the D800, which has a nasty way of exposing flaws that didn't matter in lower resolution cameras.

I do believe this makes an AF problem more apparent but I also believe that the AF system in the D800 when functioning correctly is fully capable of focusing with enough accuracy and precision to deal with the high resolution.

3. Because most people are shooting subjects close to the center of the frame, Nikon made the center-based sensors more sophisticated than those in the periphery of the image. So it would be natural to expect the best autofocus performance to be in the middle, and in fact this is what all the testing has revealed.

While it is true that the center sensors are cross type and more sophisticated I don't know that they're all that much less precise or accurate than the center. When given a target appropriate for the AF type(i.e. vertical contrast for the outer sensors) they can both do a very accurate and precise job.

My camera had problems with the outer points while the center seemed pretty good, the outer points virtually always back focused. I sent it in to Nikon for repair and now the outside points are extremely good but the center points consistenly front focus. From my experience it seems that all of the points have the potential to be very precise and accurate but some of us are having trouble getting them to function correctly all at the same time.

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