Nikon D600 Rumor - "entry level FF"

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Re: No Interest...

You might very well be right, that still leave the D800 with TEN strong advantages that I personally would be very, very happy to pay a little extra for.

Let's face it, most honest, objective knowledgeable photographers consider the D800(e) to be far and away the finest DSLR on the planet, and it's already at a ridiculously low price.

So.. unless you are very seriously and very honestly close to being completely financially indigent, I just can't see anyone trying to save a couple of dollars to buy some cheap, poorly built, relatively featureless DSLR and think that it is going to be even 1/10th the camera the d800(e) is.


CFynn wrote:

bbbinohio wrote:

4) Single Shot HDR Mode

Why they would take that out I don't know - it is already in much cheaper cameras and only software which they already have - so it can't cost them anything.

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