Remind us why Megapixels are important

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Re: Remind us why Megapixels are important

Well, MF is my personal holy grail. I love the textural detail you can capture. I once printed the IR 645D ISO 100 sample scene on A3+ (sad, I know!), and it looked fantastic (quite a lot better than 21/24mp). I don't like the operational compromises you get with MF though.

A FF DSLR (with all the advantages that modern DSLR's bring) that can shoot as close as possible to MF IQ without the compromises and cost of MF has to be a good thing, so why not?

Put it this way, if a 645D cost the same as a 5DIII, I imagine they would sell by the container-ship load. Lot's of people would buy that.


dholl wrote:

The current state of this forum is one of hysterical panic that the 5DII's 21MP resolution is being outclassed by the D800's 36MP. The consensus seems to be that if Canon don't offer a 36MP 5DIII very soon, then the company will lose significant market share.

Remind me again why higher resolution is important to you. Let's not have the standard answers you've read from somebody else's posts, like:

  • I can print bigger!


  • I can crop moar!

No, let's hear your personal reasons why you want even more resolution than 21MP.

@those more interested in AF-performance, high-ISO ratings and improved body I salute you! Do chime in with your thoughts on the significance of pixel-pitch and why a lower megapixel count is to the camera's benefit (write times, speed-shooting, improved subsampling to HD video etc).

@those who believe an improved megapixel count to be even slightly important, do chime in and tell us why.

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