How do I take this picture?

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Lightroom isn't photography

Well, that's a bit of an overstatement but generally, the goal is to get your shot right in the first place.

Don't burn your toast, knowing you own a knife you can use to scrape off the carbon.

Just use the knife to add some jam, and trim off the crusts to fit the toast rack.

The camera has automatic bracketing.

The camera has a screen on the back.

The camera has an owner/operatior who is going to do some learning before returning to the river.

Think of editing software as doing two things.

1/ nudging, doing pretty much what could be done in a darkroom, except with more presion

2/ altering, making your shots either more artistic or, with quotes, "artistic" by adding blurs and tones and patterns, or making them more information, with the addition of captions, dates, and photographer's signatiure.

Do you own a white wall and a couple of black coats?

Hang the coasts in front of the wall.

Frame so all you see are coats, and take a picture. The coasts will be grey.

Zoom back so there is lots of white wall, plus the coasts int eh middle, and take a picture.

The coats will be black.


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