Which Zeiss lense to go?

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Re: Which Zeiss lense to go?

lenseye wrote:

If you get the 55mm then you won't really need a 40mm on top they are basically the same length! Just my thinking! Best not to duplicate! In reality not that much difference between 40mm and 55mm to justify both purchases! I have the 40mm VC and it's a really nice lens, very small and manual focus very smooth! For GXR I'd stick with the 55mm or even a Nikon 50mm f1.8D, they are dirt cheap and very sharp though not as sharp as the 55mm. 55mm is a very special animal!

The 55mm and 40mm is not all that different no, if we don't take into account the macro ability and the tele conversion with TC200. But if we do, I will then have macro ability and tele too for $200 (used nik 55). Still a whorthy investment on top of the normal shooting ability no?

In any case, all these lenses are really nice and you won't be able to tell the difference in actual photography between them! It's just fun discussing them!

Quite fun discussing them! however i do notice different color rendering between nik 55 and CV 40 both on a GXR body. I plan to taste them out in my own pace when I get them!.

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