GH2 and OMD, same DR!

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Re: GH2 and OMD, same DR! - Sensorship is Anathema to Happiness

Adventsam wrote:

Definately same DR, anything you read elsewhere is complete tosh, the difference is features, metering, wb etc, all in all though you have the same basic sensor.

It's rather humorous how "Dynamic Range" has become some sort of magical transformative "holy grail", the quest for which has intoxicated the masses into near frenzy threatening to bring about the foral equivalent of mass character homicides or perhaps even symbolic suicides at the thought that the gods may in fact not be aligned on one or the other "sides". In fact, it is "Tonal Range" that would be a more apropo symbolism to obsess over - and it seems that the EM5 excels in that.

In the very darkest of nights pushing black cats in coal mines by 5 EV it may be that (in terms of Read Noise), there may not be much difference. Not to worry, however - because we all of course know that high quality photography is at least 75% about the subject-matter and the quality of the lighting that illuminates that subject-matter and the rest is mostly somewhat lame pussyfooting around about shiny lttle machinery that substitutes for a lost sense of love in early childhood ...

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