What is the most optimum photo size for an iPad2?

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Re: What is the most optimum photo size for an iPad2?

BTW, I've just posted a detailed article on all these questions + the solution to http://www.iphonelife.com/blog/87/all-one-photo-viewer-roundup-70-price-drop-best-image-viewer

Menneisyys wrote:

Note that, as I've already pointed out, iTunes will add the uncompressed thumbnail to every single photo, boosting their size with at least 500 kbytes.

This is why I HEAVILY recommend third-party apps to save a lot of storage.

Najinsky wrote:

An image with the largest side of 1024 pixels will usually compress to around 150KB while retaining good/reasonable quality. This is an average, some will be less, others more.

This gives about 7 images per megabyte or 7,000 images per GB. If you allow 1GB for the OS and Apps (assuming it's used only for photo viewing) then:

16GB iPad = 105,000 Images
32GB iPad = 217,000 Images
64GB iPad = 427,000 Images

If you 'double' the resolution in both dimensions to 2048 x 1536, you are quadrupling it so you should divide the above figures by 4.

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