movie quality with D7000

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Re: Similar Problem

Though my D7000 has been fine I must admit that I own a camcorder as well, I don't quite trust mid level still cameras for paid video work. Again, the D7000 has been fine but one never knows and should have some kind of backup anyway .

The flip side of this is I never hit 8 minutes of continuous video capture, never mind 20 mins.. Video is just a little add on to my still shooting, so three or four minutes here and there that can go into a Movie Maker presentation livens things up nicely, IMO.

justinday wrote:

I've had my D7000 for almost a year now and I've noticed that my camera has just started doing something similar. Although, I get a lot of green in my pixelation. However, mine camera will only do it once the sensor has started to heat up somewhere around 8 minutes of recording. Of course this is a far less time than the 20 minutes continuous that Nikon says the D7000 is capable of. Once the camera reaches this point it won't even let me record video anymore at all. I know it's not the cards. This has become quite a problem since video is a big part of my paid work. I still have a month left on my warranty so I sent it in. I get my camera back next week.

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