EM5 vs GH2 RAW Image Noise Comparison (ISO=200)

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Re: Addendum: EM5 vs GH2 RAW Image Noise Comparison (ISO=200)

Leo wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

There appear to be some advantages from the little that I know. So many people (including RAW shooters) have units now, we can hope that some (who own, or have owned, GH2s) can/will do some real-world shooting and processing, and let us know what they think (in real life use) !! ...

I do not have EM5 but D7000 and GH2. Brought today GH2 to work to take a test setup picture at the end of the test. A scope face with calibration label and two tested parts with labels were in front of the scope are in the image middle. The camera was about 6ft from the scope face. The GH2 setup: 12-42mm kit lens, ISO 160, F6.3, Center Weight, Spot AF, 2s delay and a tripod. On the LCD images (several attempts) did not look sharp. I decided to use D7000 tomorrow. However, was shocked when opened images at home in LR - very sharp and clean.

I think that LCD shows a crude JPG conversion of the original RAW image. The reviewed images on LCD were soft and with visible noise at max review magnification.
Thank you for your posts.

Hi Leo ,

I think that the severe limitations of those tiny LCD screens are fairly universal (at least on my Lumix cameras owned). The "Live View" is (from the little that I know about this subject) indeed a "cheap and dirty" crude approximation of what the recorded image will look like. Also, if you have the LCD display "Auto-brightness" function enabled, the display is adding addtional amplitude-gain to the displayed approximation of the image data. The resolution is limited; color is over-saturated.

As well, (in the case of the GH2), unless one is in Manual shooting mode and has the "Constant Preview" function enabled (in the "Custom Setup" menu controls) I am pretty sure that the F-Number of the lens-system is not actually being set to what the user-display states - unless the humorously so-called "Depth of Field" Preview (activated by using the Preview Button in Aperture Priority mode, see GH2 Operating Instruct., Page 96) is being used. Helps (a tad) with "sharpness".

The GX1 and G3 have an even sadder tale to tell - they have no "Constant Preview" functionality at all (in any shooting mode), just the above mentioned "DOF/Shutter Speed" previewing (in Aperture or Shutter Priority modes, respectively). I shoot in Manual with "Constant Preview" always

My GH2 (with LGV 14-45mm lens) is capable of taking some very nice shots at ISO=160 through ISO=800 (or more). I shoot RAW only (with UniWB configuration and B&W previewing) with mine.

You (may) find the GH2's LVF more to your liking. I don't use it much, because of the fact that I am not typically a "camera up to the face" shooting type, and my right eye's eyesight has some specific limitations due a previous central serous retinopathy. Hope that some of this may help !

PS - You might find some of the content of this thread (about cam "Live Previews") interesting:


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