Surprise functions with the D800

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Re: Surprise functions with the D800

Londongal wrote:

LOL ...seems this "Demo" icon was on my D300 as well, I just never saw it in action.

Too late to edit the above post and I can't remove it, so give the "Surprise Function" part of my above post a pass :-(.

The demo function has been with Nikon DSLRs for many years. You can switch it off or on with f11 on the D800.

There are many other things that completely surprised me once with DSLRs, but which no longer surprise me with the D800, as I have seen and used them before. Some examples are:

  • Tethering - connect the camera to a computer and use software (like Apple's Aperture) to take pictures.

  • iPhone as remote trigger - connect the camera to a computer and use software like DSLremote with your iPhone to take pictures and change aperture, shutterspeed and so on. (I think DSLremote does not yet support the D800, but that will hopefully change: )

  • Off-camera flash - when you trigger a flash somewhere else. In fact, the entire science of i-TTL was a nice surprise to me a few years ago, when I first learnt about it.

  • Virtual Horizon.

The list could be made much longer. All of us have once discovered things like these. None of us is born with the knowledge.

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