Help in a tragedy or take photos?

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Re: Help in a tragedy or take photos?

It is estimated that 24000 people die every day of hunger or hunger related causes.

Yet you are busy taking photos of naked women. Can I call you a piece of crap for
not putting down your camera to help? p.s. I am purposefully trying to be
provocative, almost trolling for a bite

Your post, thoughtfully constructed and carefully worded for MAXIMUM impact, is greatly appreciated by me.

Indeed it is not provocative, nor is it trolling, no winky smily nonsense is needed, nor is there a need to adopt an apologetic tone about it.

You have asked the question, the only question worth considering. I do not know fetishlens personally and I have no idea what life activities s/he chooses to pursue. There is every opportunity for this person to come back and say "well as a matter of fact, I volunteer at such-and-such, or, I donate as much as I can to so-and-so..." Therefore your question is legitimate, not a troll.

What have you done? What have any of us done? Where were we when these wars were started? I posit that the subject of this pulitzer winning photo is a DIRECT result of our own inaction. All of us. For myself the only answer to your question - what have I done? - is this: Clearly not enough.

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