Do .CR2 Files Offer Any Advantages Over .DNG Files?

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No, here's the real deal

Gary Jean wrote:

Ubiquity99 wrote:

Just because the DNG specification is open does not mean that anybody will actually support it in the future.

Who will you believe? I don't expect you to believe me. How about the Library of Congress? Do they have any cred with you? Here's what they say. If you want to preserve files for generations...yes...generations...not years, not decades...GENERATIONS...they recommend dng over any proprietary raw file.

Ever hear of dcraw? That's open source, too. And unlike DNG, it's supported by a very large community of independent coders. DNG is supported almost entirely by Adobe.

dcraw supports virtually every digital camera ever made. It's cross-platform. It's as open as can be. It is the reason why DNG is pointless and unnecessary.

A bit of reading to get you caught up:

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