nex7 and 64gb sdxc problems ?

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Re: nex7 and 64gb sdxc problems ?

Miguel Fonseca wrote:

Got a Sandisk SDXC 64gb Extreme Pro and it works fine on the NEX7. No issues at all.

The only problem is that the iPad adaptor doesn't work with SDXC cards...

I loose so much practicality that if I knew this upfront I would have been satisfied with two 32gb SDHC's...


The main difference (except the capacity of course) between SDHC and SDXC cards is the file format. SDHC uses FAT32 (old format understood by any OS ot there), and SDXC uses exFAT. This was developed some years ago by Microsoft and was addopted by SD org as the format on SDXC cards.The problem is that it requires licencing to MS so many OSees do not implement it yet.It has advantages over FAT32 like it can accept files with sizes bigger than 4GB, is mre robst (less prone to errors) and in general faster to access (from what I read in tests).

I read that most Android phones will not take micro SDXC but if you format the card as FAT32 it will work. You may try and see, (you allways can go back to exFAT), try first and see if you can format it as FAT32 in iPad or on a desktop, and see if iPad will properly access it if formated as FAT32. If yes try and see if NEX will accept it and show proper size if formted as FAT32 ( I did not try, I use Windows 7 and there is no need for it).

It all depends how the device implements the "standard" and if saty strictly on it (rejects an SD card formated in FAT32 bigger than 32 GB and ask you to format it before use or it accepts it as it is).

Remember, even if it works is best to use this card just between the devices you tested an know that it works.

On the PC side I formated cards as NTFS and they work fine in Windows (or any other device like a player which accepts NTFS) but don't try this card in NEX.

As a note in Windows the OS format will not let you to format anything bigger than 32 GB in FAT32 (even an HD) but FAT32 allows also disks much bigge it's an artificial limitation MS imposed long ago to force using of NTFS first and exFAT later.You need to use third party utilities, there are many which allows you to do this however. If you use a MAC it may work from OS, not sure.

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