Do .CR2 Files Offer Any Advantages Over .DNG Files?

Started Apr 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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But that's an artificial constraint

DotCom Editor wrote:

Many people complain that they must upgrade Photoshop to the latest version in order to get a camera RAW version that supports their newer camera. I was in that boat: couldn't open 5D2 RAW in Photoshop CS3. I opted not to upgrade at that time. Those with budget constraints may still be on defunct versions of PS. But, with Lightroom, you can read the RAW, save as DNG, and then pass the DNG to Photoshop, which is perfectly happy with it.

Have you thought about why Adobe supports (to an extent) DNG files in older programs but not CR2? They spend a great deal of time and code to prevent the older programs from working with the latest versions of ACR.

It's a completely artificial restriction that was created by Adobe. This "advantage" is purely of Adobe's making.

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