TS-E 24mm portrait landscape example?

Started Apr 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Simon Stanmore Senior Member • Posts: 1,260
Re: TS-E 24mm portrait landscape example?

It's worth bearing in mind that with a 24mm a subject not centred will be distorted (pulled to the frame edge). The closer to the lens the stronger this distortion. This shot was taken with a 24mm TSE...

...but as the human subjects are distant the level of distortion is minimal. Conversely the previously linked sculptor shots with the 24mm TSE all show distortion when the person is not pretty-much dead-centre. All the other wide views in the sculptor series used a 45mm TSE - No WA distortion. The only reason I use the 24mm is to show environment in tight spaces. This may not be an requirement for 'landscapes' and so the 45mm might be worth considering as an alternative.

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