Just cancelled Amazon D800 and closed my Amazon account

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Re: I'm #4 in line at a brick and morter store

lolopasstrail wrote:

I understand Amazon has problems with its wholesale supplier, or the vendor. That's not my direct problem, that's Amazon's problem. I have zero contact with the supplier.

My problem is a retailer promising dates, thereby freezing the competition, and then not even following up when they can't fulfill them.

Amazon has been good to me, but something smells funny here. Amazon playing the victim card is less than becoming; they are not the victim, they are the perpetrator. Life is short, and other people don't try to shine on customers in this way.

lolopasstrail has a point here. The point is well stated. It's amazes me that I didn't see it clearly before. It boggles the mind that some of us still don't get it.

What would we say if a retailer advertised "D800 plus Nikkor 70-200mm lens" and then said your order is now changed to "D800 plus 50mm f/1.8G" and then later changed it to "D800 plus spare battery" and so on. If you have a choice between "D800 in 2 weeks" and "D800 sometime or other" all at the same or nearly same price, why would you not go with the first choice. But, if the retailer knows that his ad is a fantasy, what is the ad but a deceptive ad designed to get customers?

If anyone feels an urge to plead Amazon's cause by asserting that it was their computer that messed this up - PLEASE DON'T BOTHER. We are not in charge of their computer, neither is Nikon. Amazon is in control of their computer. Let's not try to excuse a deceptive business practice. And yes, I know that anyone who got an unrealistic delivery date from Amazon should have detected the odor of dead fish, but do we want vendors to get away with saying, "But you should have known we were leading you on."?

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